When a break dancer perform on stage it looks like a robot

Break dancer looks like robot in this video. Breakdance is a type of street dance. Its origin is America. African American had started it. African American youth started break dance in streets.
It became more popular among the people through media. In the beginning it became popular in region such as Europe and America.
This type of dace can be perform solo and in a group. It looks lovely when a dancer perform on stage. Now there are many groups who do this in groups.
There are many styles of this, such as B-boy styles, Downrock styles and Power versus style. There are many competition of this. It has also world championship. Lots of movies interrelated with it. These movies promotes this type of dance.
Terry Crew
In this video there is a man named Terry Crew dancing. He is an American actor and a former footballer. He is dancing and looking like a robot. He is performing as break dancer. His performance is delightful. He looks flawless in this art. Movement of his body is accurate and twisting his arms like a machine.
Host is also enjoying his art of breakdance and honored him by shaking hand. Terry crew is also a sketch artist and painter.
This art is very difficult to learn. There need lots of practice to perform such as Terry crew.
We should not forget Michael Jackson when we discuss breakdance. He was the person whose performance gave an awareness to people about breakdance. He was perfect man for this art and a pioneer of this type of dance. He was American singer, song writer, dancer and actor.
Jackson the break dancer explore many types of music such as pop, soul, rhythm and blues, funk, rock, disco, post-disco, dance-pop and new jacks wings. We can say that he gave a new direction to music.

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