Why you can say this is only expertise of photographer and modern camera

Photographer use his expertise when he take the picture of this scene. I will start my discussion about old cameras and old method of photography. Photography is an art and science in which we use cameras. Camera has a film and lenses. Lenses use to focus the images. Reflection of image create impression on film. Images on film called negative. Impression on films created by some sensors. Film containing impressions developed by chemical and give you a color image.
Invention of camera made by many researches. There were many people who gave many theories about it. Some chines philosophers and Greek mathematician Aristotle gave the theory about first pinhole camera. After it Ibn Al Haytham a Muslim scientist describe pinhole camera. First photograph has got in 1822 it was only an image which was not so clear. After it there were many improvements in cameras and today we have latest cameras called digital cameras. Film photography is absolute. There is digital photography in these days which has remarkable results. Picture quality is incredible which was not possible in old days.
After invention of latest cameras now photographer are using these cameras for many purposes such as making documentaries, reporting the news and photography. There are many types of cameras used by photographer in different determinations. There are many companies who are researching and making latest advance cameras.
Photography is a science and art. There are many institutes which teach you and give professional degree or certification to photographer. There are also copy right act. You cannot publish the picture belongs to other photographer.
Now we will talk about this picture. It is remarkable piece of art of photographer. This type of picture has never taken before. Special expertise used in this picture. Photographer uses science of reflection. The building made by glass reflect the light and gave an impression of light ho

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