Gorilla is taking interest in android cell phone

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Gorilla is taking interest in android cell phone because it has most resemblance with human nature. Research about Gorilla is attractive for human. It is most intelligent animal which can act like human. Reason behind this act is that DNA of Gorilla is similar 90% to 98% as human. You can say that this living creature is nearest relative to human.

Gorilla is amongst the monkey family which consists of monkey, chimpanzee and bonob. They are herbivores. They often like to live in dense forests and hilly areas. Mostly they found in African forests. There are two types of Gorillas Eastern and western, it has also four to five other species other. Mostly they find in Congo. It is healthy and enormous animal which have weight 135 Kg to 195 Kg male and female weight 70 Kg to 115 Kg.

You have shock to know that they spend their night in nest on trees. Gorilla makes its nest 5 ft to 6 ft in diameter and female also give birth of their babies in these nests. These nests are made by branches and leaves. Gorillas that live on mountain eat flexible diet such as leaves, stems, pith, and shoots.

In this clip you have seen that a gorilla is taking keen interest in android cell phone. It is because of its DNA has resemblance with human. Now days human are also taking interest in android cell phone. This video also pretends that same habits of human and gorilla.

Gorilla is a dangerous animal it can kill human easily so you should keep away himself. They live in troops and go in the search of food 6 km away from their habitat. They fight with other troops of gorilla. In the last lines I will only say this video looks very funny that a gorilla is taking keen interest in android phone.

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