Humor can be found in this video performed by these babies

Humor is good thing which can be found in babies by seeing this video. This video is related to humor which makes you laugh. Before seeing this video we should know about the definition of humor.
Humor is English classical word and it is driven from Latin word humoral medicine. Its mean that amusement and fun. It means that humor makes us laughter and provides fun and laughter which is good for health.
In each culture there are people who make us laughter by telling jokes and funny talk. So you can say that it is sense of humor which is given by God. This sense is not found in every human there are such few people who have this sense.
These people are gift of God because they amuse us and make us laugh. People who have good sense of humor have lots of friends. You can say that they have large social circle. They give us moral lessons in humors manor. So you can say that they are valuable people and have good rank in social gathering. People like to listen them. They are stars of social gathering.
Humor is gift of God its theory cannot be explainable. There are many theories about humor presented by Aristotle, Plato and many other philosophers. Humor can be found in all parts of world and different culture such as in Indian culture you can see homer in Sanskrit drama, bharata muni and natya shastra.
Arabic and Persian culture is also having fun and satire but it has light comedy. Greek literature is full of comedy. There is lots of satirical literature such as poems and dramas. This literature is romantic and full of comedy and has good fun for reader who studies this.
Visual humor is different form written litterateur, visual related to such photograph or video which makes you laugh called visual humor. This video is a visual humor in which there are three children sitting and enjoying to eat ice cream but one of them has not ice bar a child sitting beside him giving him bar in funny manner which makes you laugh. Children are innocent and they offer eatables in funny manner to other child. It is children psychology that they don’t want to give there thing to other child. This psychology reflects in this video. This child wants to give his ice bar to the child who is sitting beside him but his psychology is not giving him permission.

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