Why can you say that it was an amazing catch of American football

American football is famous game in America and Canada. There are many sports in the world. Every sport has its own likes because different sports played in each region of the world.
Each country has its own national sport. So you can say that it reflects the tradition and culture of this country. Sports man who play a part in international games reflects their nation.
Due to international games different nations come closer to each other. Games are healthy activity. Which should be adopt by every nation. Different abuses in the society caused by absenteeism of games. People in the past also play games.
There are many benefits of games, main aspects are that it is a physical activity. If a person is associate with sport, he will remain healthy and active. It is fact that a healthy body has a healthy mind so keep yourself healthy by exercising or playing games.
We should be positive if we are failure in the tasks in our life. This type of positive temperament is learnt by us through games and sports.
After all this discussion it is real time to discuss American football. After listening words like American football or football there come in mind power and strength. American Football is also game of power and strength.
it plays in Canada and America. 11 players make a team. It is amazing because played in rectangular field. It is not famous except America and Canada. It resembles with rugby.
A Player of American football must wear helmet during the match because it keeps him safe from injuries. There you can see an interesting scene of catching the football in match of American football. It looks so funny. Player wants to handle it but it was bounce back to his hand two or three times. This part of clip makes fun.

An amazing catch

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