Why Lakers is amongest the most favorite teams of basketball

Lakers is amongest the most favorite basketball teams in Los Angeles. There are many sports in the world but all type of sports are not played in all countries. For instance football is a world famous game but in many countries people like other sports.
Basketball is a world famous game but it is liked in United States of America, Philippine, Australia and Canada. It is most liked in United State of America. In Australia and Canada its popularity graph is comparatively low. It means that this game is most liked in United State of America. Lakers is amongst the most liked teams of United State of America.
There are some information regarding this game. This game is played in a rectangular play ground with 10 players, 5 players on each side. Technique of playing this game is simple. Player can handle the ball by hopping the ball. The ball is round shaped like football. Players pass this ball and grab it by follow the rules of this game. They score a goal by throwing the ball into the basket which is hanged by a height. Lakers has highly professional players.
National Basketball association is considered that it has most professional players of basketball. It is true that top clubs are attached with it. All leagues are also attached with it. Lakers is also member of National basketball association. WNBA presents woman basketball teams. Lakers is amongst the most valuable teams of NBA. It has won most championships held by under the supervision of NBA. Lakers joined NBL and won many championships.
Lakers produced many players such as Abdul-Jabbar and Johansson. Ownership of Lakers changed time by time. It has a specific logo and color. Its players use golden uniform. So it is proved that Lakers is a pioneer team of basketball.

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