This man is facing hurricane power it looks hard

Hurricane is amongst the worst disasters. Weather of world is different from region to region. Many countries which are closer to equator are warmest compare to other part of the world.
Poles of earth are covered with ice or snow. Earth has two poles North Pole and South Pole. Countries associated with these poles are very cold because these poles are desert covered with ice and snow.
Limited habitats here because at that temperature it is difficult to survive. There are enormous fields of snow and glacier.
There are less energy and light of the sun. Only two seasons are there such as polar winter and summer. In summer there is day and in winter sun sets all the winter.
Hurricane has different properties according to their regions. Hurricane has different classes. It produces strong wind and thunder storm. Some time it with heavy rain.
There are different size and force behind a hurricane. It depends on the physical structure of region and pressure of air. It is usually storm when low pressure air uplift and high pressure air takes its place. So this is main cause in the disturbance of environment or create hurricane.
Mostly hurricane formed in tropical areas which are near the equator. In monsoon there are many cyclones in that area and there are strong winds.
In some Asian countries there are dusty storms in summer. There will be dust in all environment. Many trees fall down during storm due to strong wind.
Pollution is a main cause creating the disturbance in the weather and climate. Due to global warming ice caps are melting and temperature of earth is increasing day by day. Global warming is also a main cause thunderstorm. So we should avoid to make pollution and keep our environment clean. By keeping this practice we can stop hurricanes.

A friend of mine in Florida posted a video…..

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