Now you can enjoy Pokémon on OLED a transparent screen

Pokémon can be enjoyed on any television if you are watching a new series, there should be a new technology. Pokémon is a name of company related t media. It is a very famous company.
We have seen television from our child hood. So we can say that it is not a new invention. There are many changes have seen by us in television. In the beginning there were black and white TV sets. Their picture tube produce only two colors such as black and white.
It was starting era of television. Development in science and technology there came some changes in television technology. Color television took place the black and white TV sets. It was a good achievement in media technology. People started to enjoy color films or visual which was not possible before.
TV sets were costly at the beginning and not in the rage of every one. After color TV technology there came many changes in that technology. There are picture tube which produce color pictures.
LCD TV sets introduced in market first time for sale purpose in 2007. It was an amazing technology which reduced the large TV sets technology. LCD means liquid crystal display.
There are many advantages of LCD technology. They have less weight then picture tube TV. LCD consume less energy. It occupies less space. It is hang able on wall.
After it LCD changed and turn into LED. It means light emitting diode and consumed less energy than LCD.
Now OLED is latest technology. Which is a transparent screen. It looks like a glass. It will be great fun to watch Pokémon on that TV. Pokémon was released in 1989 or 1990. Like Pokémon this screen is a gadget. Pokémon series released generation vise. Now there is 7th generation Pokémon is presenting on that time.

The future is here.

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