old woman dropped her artificial teeth during birthday

Old woman dropped her artificial teeth during her birth day is funniest scene I have ever seen. Old age is factor of many problems. You can say that people has face many problems in their old age.
Old woman has to face teeth problem and she has put artificial teeth in her mouth. She breathe out to light off the candle of her birthday cake. Suddenly her artificial teeth came on the table with her breath out.
It was amazing scene that set of 32 artificial teeth came on the table. Old woman was also laughing with this scene. It means that she has not any single original teeth in her mouth. That is among the major problems faced by old people.
Life is not simple of every man and woman. They have seen many ups and downs till their old age. An English poet and dramatists has written that people of the world preformed on many stages of the world. People born as a baby and started to perform. Old woman is performing her last stage.
As their age increased they performed different characters. Such as a mature man or stupid boy. This old woman has performed many stages. Now she is old and she has many problems such as health issue and loneliness because everyone is busy. She wait for people and her children to give her time.
Physical issues are main problems faced by old people because they have weak body. They met with many diseases such as debates, heart disease, eye sight problem, muscular problem, pain in joints and tooth decaying.
Old woman has no teeth in her mouth and she is using artificial teeth in her mouth. You will laugh when you see that teeth coming out from mouth. it looks that all teeth are on the table.

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