Overweight of body is main cause of fracture or cramp

Overweight of body is not good for your health. People in world have different food habits. There are many people and all have different eating habits.
Eating habits
Eating habits should be good because it is directly concern with your health. Good eating habits doesn’t mean that you are eating too much food. Its mean that you are eating good quality food and taking a proper diet.
You should be careful when you are eating food. The diet taking by you must be simple and organic. Don’t eat excessive food only eat foodstuff when you are hungry.
Many people have habit to take diet after a meal such as watching movie with snacks. Junk food is main cause for overweight of body.
There are many people who gain weight very quickly. These people should be careful in their diet. Fatty food must not be eaten by them.
What is unhealthy food?
Healthy food must be eaten by us. Organic foods are healthy food. Chemicals are not used in organic food.
What is balance diet?
A diet which gives us nutrients and energy is called balance diet. It consist of all types of food such as fruit, vegetable, meat, eggs and pulses. You will not be overweight if you are taking a balance diet.
Same food must not be eaten by us daily because it is not a balance diet. You must follow a food dietary chart if you are overweight.
Problems for the overweight person
Overweight individual has numerous health problems. High blood pressure, diabetes, kidneys problems, fatty liver disease, common stiffness and pain in joints.
In this video you have seen that there is a fat old woman whose ankle crinkle. This is caused by osteoarthritis. Overweight is main problem because it can cause joint injury. It is due to high pressure on joints.

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