Penguins are mischievous birds’ and cannot fly do you agree

Penguin’s introductions
Penguins are beautiful birds before discussing it we should know a little bit about it. Color of this bird is black and white. It has a beak for eating food.
Penguin’s habitat
This bird can find on South Pole. This bird can live in snow and cold water. This bird has adopted himself according to the South Pole climate.
Physical features of Penguins
This bird cannot fly because its wings has changed into the flappers. These flappers help them in swimming and walk in snow. Usually they spend their time in water. Shape of its body suitable for swimming in water.
Eating habits of penguins
They spend their life both water and land. Hey feed themselves on sea foods such as krill, fish, squid and other forms of sea life.
Weight and height of Penguins
Maximum weight of penguin recorded as 35 kg and height 1.1 meter. Minimum weight of this bird count such as 1 kg and height 40 cm.
Life in water
They are birds but their wings are not suitable for fly in the air. These wings are like as flappers and suitable for swimming. They can swim under the water such as birds fly in the air.
Camouflage itself
It has black and white color which helps itself for disguising in snow. Mostly sharks and seals hunt them. They don’t dive deep into the sea and catch their prey near the surface of water.
Function of feathers and webbed feet
Feathers on its body is a good insulator which keeps its body warm in cold weather. Its webbed feet help it for swimming in seawater and walking on snow. They can drink salty water.
Living style of Penguins
Thy live in large colonies such as 100 pairs in each colony. Maximum 2 eggs lay by a penguin. Their eggs are small. When a female lose its egg. It tries to steel others eggs.
Penguins in our culture and life
It has a big part in our life and culture such as stuffed toy and gift on wedding. There are several games and movies associated with it. Cartoonist also like to make cartoon of it.
It is a mischievous bird according to this video. It makes you laugh and you will like its innocence.

so alone… so alone… so alone… Not Alone!

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