Is it possible to tame a lovely and colorful budge bird

Budge bird is a beautiful and colorful bird. It is a parrot. It finds in Australia. You can say that Australia is home land of it.
Physical features of budge bird
It is a parrot with a beak and long tail. Its small size differentiate it from other parrots. Its color is green and yellow. It has black spots on feathers. They can recognize and understand the human speech.
Among the most famous pet in world
Budge bird is most famous pet after cats and dogs. It is cheap in price and small in size. Due to these reasons they are easily kept at home.
Budge bird habitat and living
It finds easily in Australian woodland. It moves if there is draught. It migrates to land where there is greenery. It migrates in folks. They eat seeds.
Breed of budge bird
They lay eggs and hatch them. Chicks are small and take about 10 days to eyes open. Mother feed them even their feather began to grow.
Taming of budge bird is a fun
This small parrot is gentle and cute. When you buy the budge, you should buy a reasonable cage. It should easily move and fly in cage.
Don’t make loud noise because it will afraid in new environment. Talk to him slowly and called it with its name gently. With the passage of time it will recognize its name.
Try to feed it with your hand. When you put your hand in the cage it will sit on your finger. Try to talk with it. It will begin follow you when you win trust of it.
It will be a great pleasure when you put a mirror before it. Let it free fly in the room. This activity will help in its physical growth.
Put a ball before it and let it play with this ball. After some days it will start to play with the ball. Now you can say that your budge bird is trained.

Just a bird and his tennis ball from gifs

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