Shark is furious sea animal and can kill human do you agree

Shark is furious animal of sea because it can kill a human easily. When we think about fish there would be sea in your mind.
Sea is consist of large water beds and small rocks in it. There are lots of creatures in the sea. There are lots of enormous and dangerous sea creatures. Shark is most dangerous animal of water. It is as furious as a lion. Its spell is like leopard.
It eats meat and live in deep water. It can hunt bigger animals then it. Whales can also prey by sharks.
You cannot say that they are not furious. It is not a difficult art for a shark to kill a man. Within minutes it can tear a man into pieces.
There are many species of sharks. Like other fish they have gills and fins. Through gills they breathe and with the help of fins it can swim in water. This beast can swim in water with lightning speed. It can live in both salty and fresh water.
There are many species such as great white shark, tiger shark, blue shark and mako shark. There are many species of which are endangered. Human killed them for their fins.
• Teeth of shark
Teeth are attached with its gums so you can say that teeth are directly attached with jaws. This beast has several teeth in its mouth. It loses 30,000 teeth in its life. After many months its teeth replaced by new one.
• Eating habits
Mostly these beasts are feed on flash of other sea creatures. Their bodies and strong jaws are design for hunting in sea water. Mostly they attack in pack as a pride of lions.
• Behavior with human
Many incidents happened in which shark attacked on human. We can say that behavior of this beast is not good with human. This beast can kill a human easily.

This is one of those times where you probably just want to throw it back

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